Wednesday , October 5 2022

Peter Handelke receives the Nostroi Theater Prize for his life's work – culture


The jury ruled that Handke once wrote a controversial history theater with more than 20 pieces. "You are in the truest sense of the word unlike any other, and sometimes your words are just too big for the theater – but permanently," said actor Klaus Maria Brandauer.

Handke demanded in his acceptance speech theater reflecting on her true strengths. "To recognize language, confrontation, rhythm against each other, emphasis." Applause, the author admitted in words: "Since they are blabbed expensive and free air time."

Handke was 1966 with the legendary "Public Abuse", which he called the theater as "Glotzaugen", "Rotzlecker" and "Not Good", suddenly recognized. Born in Carinthia, who lives near Paris, he is again and again a potential Nobel laureate in literature.

At 19 Nestroy Awards, awards were awarded in total to 13 categories. Caroline Peters, known for her series "Landscape Murder", has been honored with the best actress for her performances at Strindberg at the Academy of Vienna. As "Best Piece" was "Everyone (Dead)" by Ferdinand Schmelz awarded, which was first introduced at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

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