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Princess Charlene of Monaco is not returning – she plans to do so instead


Princess Charlene of Monaco remains in South Africa for the time being (archive photo).

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Princess Charlene of Monaco is still in South Africa. There she is now continuing with her own programs.

Monaco – Fans of the Mongolian princess have been asking this question for months: what will happen next with Princess Charlene of Monaco *? The 43-year-old is still in her home country of South Africa. According to official reports from the royal family, the princess was healed. She underwent surgery under general anesthesia a few weeks ago *.

The reason for the surgery was an infection. In fact, Charlene wanted to stay only ten days in South Africa, Prince Albert II, her husband, revealed in a recent interview *. But the princess’ health condition thwarted her plans. The palace also announced in August that Charlene’s stay could last until October. It is now October and the new plans of the princess are being announced. According to a report in the Daily Mail, she wants to mediate on the site.

Princess Charlene of Monaco in South Africa: She wants to settle royal inheritance disputes

For a long time there has been an internal controversy among the monarchs in South Africa, the kingdom of Zulu: it is about intrigue, family matters and a lot of money.

Princess Charlene offered to mediate. The 43-year-old boy was a friend of the late King Goodville Zvolitini and attended, among other things, his funeral. After the king’s death, an inheritance dispute broke out among the monarchs in South Africa.

Charlene von Monaco: The Princess remains in South Africa for the time being

Mediation between hostile camps today should take time. Charlene can not spend time in her new home, Monaco, with her family. Recently, for example, she missed the start of school for her two children Gabriella and Jacques *.

The princess’ long stay is also perceived from a different point of view: her husband Albert’s aunt evoked a feeling with remarks about a possible marriage crisis among royalty. Among other things, she said that Charlene would no longer return to Monaco *. In the meantime, she should be right. (Tobias Otz) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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