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PUBG ends with "FIX PUBG" campaign, sets 2019 on quality


The "Fix PUBG" campaign ended. The developers of PlayerUnknown of victims explain what to expect in the coming months. However, this is not primarily about new content. You have to take care of it first.

In August, PUBG launched a major fight against bugs and other issues under the theme "Standard PUBG". Now, in mid-November, this campaign has ended.

The entrepreneurs explain: Over 100 bugs have been fixed, and quality of life updates have been implemented, the FPS have been improved. In addition, the servers are increasingly stable and more than 2 million accounts have been swept up by anti-cheat measures.

In an open letter, PUBG said that in the past, they were too focused on bringing game updates quickly. Important topics were overlooked. It should not happen again in 2019.

Quality and stability in front

For 2019, the PUBG team prioritizes stability and quality of the BattleUroundround PlayerUnknown. New gameplay features content should come only when the core is.

It costs first resources: Post sets says, "At first it will probably slow down our pace of construction, but as these processes become more sophisticated, we hope to deliver new content as quickly as possible while maintaining stability and new targets."

"We can not say how long it will take, but we promise you that we will do our best to reach this stage as soon as possible."


What is planned 2019 in PUBG?

The announcement of the steam is also looking for the upcoming changes on the Royal Battle hit.

Improved matchmaking

A new interface will improve PUBG matchmaking. It should be better to see what the average waiting time for the game. In addition, the current ping of the player should be displayed.

PUBG states, "With improved matchmaking and user interface based on personal taste, players can play in the environment and map / mode they want, even if the result will be a longer waiting time."

PUBG Mirmer header relaunch

Players must decide for themselves: The changes are about providing important information to players. They then need to identify the situation themselves and decide whether they prefer a shorter standby time or optimal server performance.

Problems that still exist

Players often report problems with character movements or desync. This is also reflected in comments in Steam. As players complain that they feel strong ping and Desync vibrations in their games. They want to address these problems.

Soon the PS4 players will finally be able to play PUBG

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