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So Maya, Amanda & Co. do not like Fabian


The mature candidate Fabienne is the great outsider of the current season. BLICK explains what is troubling the other candidates in Lucerne.

"Single" candidate Fabienne (25) has now lost in the current "singles" episode with the last contestant. Now she blackened Maria (28) in the unmarried Adela (25), who was there to test the candidates. "She said at first that after two weeks she already wants to go home because she fell in love with her house," she said.

Maria, who had tried to treat Fabian fairly, fell out of the clouds. In a conversation with Adela, she denied any claim. One thing was clear to her: she no longer wanted anything to do with Fabian.

Tough shades

The record for Fabienne is Mr: none of the remaining five candidates she likes. Blake asked them what was bothering her at Lucerne;

Sanya: "She's a very bad person, she's malicious and does not move anything, she plays a lot, so She always takes the role of victim – only, so you have sympathy with her. She cries for no reason and always hurts. She does not know she's other people wounded, Does not think anything and pretends Everything is fine, Anyone who has some sense knows that <שום דבר לא בסדר>. I keep myself away from bad people and she is one. "

Maria: "I never said a bad word to her until she had such a rumor in the world that really amazed me, she could have asked me if I had a boyfriend, I would never forgive her … I think it was very wrong. "Before we met Clive, she already told me she had love letters for him."

who is the: "I just can not stand Fabian, but finally she has to stop her The role of innocence I Fame To abuse. I just do not want anything more to do with her. "

Amanda: "She's subversive to all of us – as we saw with Mary, she always tries to describe herself as good as other bad people, she also told Clive that I was just because fames There, I never said that. I do not understand why she says such things when I always treated her with respect.

Alicia: «I do not want to comment on the subject of Fabienne, because I'm done with it.»

Fabienne fought back

And what does the defendant say about the claims? Fabienne explains when asked by Blick: "I can not understand the criticism … I have always been sincere and feeling towards Clive." She fought for him, of course, but she thought it was self-evident.

Even today she claims that not every candidate for Rosencavalier was there. "If the girls tell us, they should stand next to him," she says. "I also told the truth with Mary, and the other candidates, who heard about it, know it.

She can not understand the hatred she experienced during the shooting. "There is nothing to justify her behavior."

Unlike Fabian, the dream of the last rose has already penetrated Caroline (26) and Anna (26). Clive sent her home.

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