Friday , January 28 2022

Spark of Hope on the Horizon: A true port of Kingdom Hearts has not yet been completely ruled out for the Nintendo Switch


Also the last presentation Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Revealed Sora as the last character for the game and provided many fans with her. But the presentation had a bitter aftertaste, like the popular one Kingdom Hearts Games Approved for Nintendo Switch, but only as cloud versions. This knowledge encountered much misunderstanding and was with us as well Debating in the heat.

Colleagues from
Nintendo Life I recently had the opportunity to meet with the producer of Kingdom Hearts Ichiro Hazama Talk and ask why they only chose the cloud version. According to Hazama, it has not yet been finally clarified whether Kingdom Hearts games will appear after a full release on the Nintendo Switch at a later date. We have translated for you the relevant questions and answers below.

How do you see that? Have you given up hope for a real port yet?

Source: Nintendo Life

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