Thursday , May 13 2021

That's why CC turned over: "League was arrogant"

It is an irritating sign to the public that the Swiss Football Association's deputies are replacing 66-year-old Peter Gilliron with a 69-year-old new president. This is no sign of leaving.

However, Dominique Blanc deserves an opportunity. Because today's 69-year-olds can not be compared to those aged 69 to 20 years. They are full of life – and they, as in Blanc's case, are still full of energy and energy.

Yes, Dominique Blanc is a vital person. He can be trusted to develop the momentum that was so painfully missed in the World Cup in Russia. In addition, Blanc is also described by his critics as a dossiersicher.

An advantage with Blanc could be that with 69 years he can spend all time for SFV – and that is freelance. He can decide for the best of his knowledge and faith, without any dependence.

But it is also important that he pushes the professionalism of the national team in cooperation with the league. Because you put the right person in the head, who also speaks clearly with coach Nati Vladimir Petkovich. That Nati players are also visited.

So Blanc can be a good person in the coming years. Because at the end it is with officials as well as with footballers: no young and old. But only good or bad.

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