Tuesday , August 9 2022

YB coach Seoane is a calm self


The prospect of YB developed in Valencia is enormous. But if you think coach Jerry Xuan will bother him, it's so wrong.

The ceremony is always the same. Or almost. At the press conference before the capital game of YB. In Valencia two "Spaniards" Seoane and Loris Benito – both Spanish and Spanish roots – need
Do not translate your voices this time, as before the game in Bern. It is done at the same time. So the entire exercise takes less than ten minutes. Ten minutes, when Seoane has the peace away.

Whether it is that he is spreading courage for this game, would compete with two strikers, Lucerne is asked. "The courage does not show itself in the system, but rather in the approach and how to interpret the details, and also: I will not tell the ensemble, of course." A little smile at all.

But bravely? "We'll need a lot of that," says the coach. "At the defense stage we are looking for adhesives and not staying away from the dollar, the dollar denies, but we also need courage to the front, we have to play vertically and not backwards and forwards."

In addition, Mr. Birwa continues, he needs solidarity. "We have to help one another in defense and offer one, two, three, three-ball lead." Crisis in Valencia? It is interesting (officially), of course, only marginally. Of course we analyze the opponent, but it is about sports and finding solutions, less about the problems of Valencia, which nevertheless have a tremendous quality.

But Seoane is quite optimistic. Also because his team played twice to zero – though against the promotion of the League clubs Stade Nyonnais and underground GC. "Defense is the key, so we did a lot of video analysis and interviews, even if there was not much time left between the games, but in the speeches, the defense was always focused, because we have quality on the offense, we show the game by the game.

Bring the YB to the scene of the Mestalla cult stadium, so it can come to a great feeling, for the first victory of the Swiss team on the land of Valencia after four huge applause of Servette, Saint Gallen twice Basel. And YB may be associated with Manchester United in second place.

"We do not do accounting tasks like that, we leave it to you," says Xuan coolly. What we really want is a good semi-second home against Valencia. It would be important to defend well against the initial furioso, against the first wave. Then use the rooms. we
In any case come here with the idea to make a good match. "And we find this idea excellent!

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