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After the referendum … The Chinese Olympics met on 25th to discuss follow-up – China Times


The election of 9 in 1 and 10 polls took place on Saturday: How the Olympics in Tokyo formally voted for a referendum with the Secretary of the Chinese Olympic Association Shen Yieting stressed that the Chinese Olympics (CTOC) is a private unit and respects all referendum processes, Respond to pre-set questions.The Chinese Olympics also meet the next day the next day, and members will vote to decide on follow-up actions.

The International Olympic Games (IOC) sent a letter to the Chinese Olympics three times this year because of the official vote of the Eastern Olympics. The two previous letters were all called to the President of the China Olympics. The last letter is not only for Lin Hongdao, but also for sports director, Gao Junxiong. "As far as I am concerned, I have never seen the signature of the IOC and the chairman of the sports committee or the head of the sports department, all of whom are direct candidates for the Chinese Olympics, so it should be the International Olympics," said Shen Yating, secretary-general of the Chinese Olympic Association. , I want to convey my opinion to the director of the Sports Training Unit. "

Shen Yieting said that it is usually the National Olympic Games as a window to contact the Olympic and international units of international sports.The International Olympic Council will also give the manager the special name this time, and it is hoped that the Chinese Olympic Association will also forward this letter to Gao Jinxungyg and Yibai The International Olympic Committee. I attach great importance to a referendum.

Shen Yieting added that the National Olympic Games have decided on the jurisdiction of the name.The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee.It is not that all the National Olympic Games can decide to change its name unilaterally. "Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, the Chinese Olympics are expected to be About 25, chairman Lin Hongdao. We will work with all friends on the development of the new situation and made a similar vote to make the decision.The Chinese Olympics also said the IOC that we have been communicating with the outside world, and we have also passed the relevant provisions of the IOC Exoconal Yuan. "

(China Times)

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