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Bladder incontinence and urinary incontinence! Doctor: urinate regularly, drink less caffeine-health network without news


The doctor said that urinary incontinence is an involuntary leakage of urine and causes social and hygienic problems; The image shows a situational image. (Photo taken from Pixabay)

[ערוץ הבריאות/דו”ח מקיף]Urinary incontinence can cause major problems in hygiene and daily life, so-called urinary incontinence. Doctors said urinary incontinence could be divided into five types: common and rare. Urinary incontinence often causes patients to be embarrassed to talk about an illness and seek medical attention, which can lead to personal, social or hygienic problems.

The chief physician of the Department of Urology, Macai Memorial Hospital, Chen Yuxin, wrote on a fan page on Facebook “Shi · Sex · Yi · Yi Urology, Dr. Chen Yuxin” that some people cringe when the brain receives a message from the bladder that it is time to urinate. And release the urethral sphincter to urinate smoothly, but assuming that involuntary urinary incontinence will cause major hygiene and daily life problems, and according to the International Association of Urinary Incontinence (ICS), incontinence is involuntary urinary incontinence, and therefore causes social, hygienic and hygienic problems. Also some 3 common types of urinary incontinence and 2 rare types:


● Stress urinary incontinence:When coughing, sneezing, laughing and other actions of the abdomen exert force, because of the increase in abdominal pressure the urine will overflow involuntarily. In general, the proportion of women is higher than that of men, because women experience excessive births, which will lead to weakness of the pelvic floor muscles and supporting structures; And after menopause, changes in hormones cause the vagina and tissues to shrink and cause urinary incontinence.

● Urgent incontinence:The urge to urinate usually comes on suddenly, eagerly and forcefully, and is uncontrollable, often with symptoms of urgency, frequent urination and nocturia. Caused mainly as a result of unstable contraction of the detrus muscle.

● Urinary incontinence:Mainly due to damage to the nerve conduction pathway, such as diabetes or damage to the peripheral nerves of the pelvis due to surgery or radiation, which cause dysfunction of the bladder. Overfilling of the bladder causes the bladder pressure to be greater than the urethral resistance, causing the urine to leak out involuntarily.
Two other less common types of urinary incontinence.


● Complete incontinence:In any case the urine is excreted involuntarily. Such as the bladder tube and vagina, surgery to cause damage to the urethral sphincter are all possible causes.

● Functional incontinence:Urinary incontinence occurs due to factors such as discomfort, dementia or abnormal cognition, uncontrolled urinary excretion in inappropriate time and place, or too late to get to the toilet.

5 ways to prevent urinary incontinence

● Do not drink too much water at once.

● Drink less water before bed.

● Urine regularly, and the urine in the bladder should be emptied every 2-3 hours.

● Patients suffering from tension and urge to urinate should perform pelvic floor muscle exercise (or kegel exercise).

● Weight loss, reduction of caffeinated beverages (such as tea, coffee, soda), avoid moving heavy objects and avoid constipation.

Chen Yuxin mentioned that many patients with urinary incontinence are ashamed to talk, or think the aging process is inevitable, and do not seek help. The result of this vicious circle will cause social or personal hygiene problems. It is therefore suggested that with the advancement of modern medicine, people with symptoms should seek professional medical attention. As long as the cause is found and treated after a proper diagnosis, most of the symptoms can be improved and the quality of life improved.

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