Friday , August 19 2022

Citigroup fraud! A middle – aged man perceives loopholes in the system, brushing 63 million banks, anger and punishment Actuary Finance


Citibank. (Photo / reporter Xu Mian)

Citibank. (Photo / "ETododay News cloud" image information)

Report by Dai Ruyo / Taipei

Citibank broke the fraud today (6)! After the middle-aged man deliberately used his credit card rate to increase his credit card quota, he brushed 60 pens to 63 million yuan in one month and did not return the money, and he was finally caught by Citibank. The banking bureau said it was a breach of a system in which the customer was perceived by Citibank, which is equivalent to the bank's fraud, and believes that there is a lack of control over Citibank's money and a penalty of 2.5 million yuan. The man was caught and sent to the prosecution.

Almost every bank has the function of overpaid card fees to increase the amount of credit card, and Citibank has this function, but the famous middle-aged man also raised his credit card from the original 600,000 by prepaid card fees. Within 60 months, consumption of 60 pens was as high as 63 million yuan, which was a high consumption of luxury, the banking system did not disclose, then the customer did not return the money, and a month later discovered it Citibank.

Wang Liqun, Deputy Director of the Banking Bureau, said that this approach is the first in the country! Now he is arrested, but he still has not returned the money, and finally he has moved to the checkpoint, "This is undoubtedly a fake bank, he has no intention of repaying it, usually the bank gives you a quota of 600 thousand, but you have it. , The bank expects you to pay normally! "

Wang Lecon said that Citibank is required to carry out all the tests, and there is an initial understanding of all the major banks, and today only in the case of Citibank is this case, and the client accidentally discovered this breach and the man's behavior was incorrect. Does Citibank want to recover it 63 million yuan? Wang Leacon said: "Of course, recover!" Is now entering the judging process.

The Central Bureau of Statistics estimates that Citi grants its customers prepaid card fees through ATMs in order to increase the balance of the credit card payment, but the credit card information system can not perform online checks and checks after the order has been made. The analysis was verified by the audit, which caused the problem in time, and there was a serious lack of internal control of Citibank, and the amount of loss was high, and the system error time was long, and opened for 2.5 million yuan.

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