Wednesday , March 3 2021

Lying to raise the medical expenses of mother to the sea, the actress disappeared for one year, the latest exposure – Zhongshi News

The young model of Hong Kong, Mai Zee Li, had hot milk, she used to take the mother's medical expenses last year, she wanted to go to Japan to shoot the father, but female piety blew the subject, but then it was a scam for popularity, May Zili disappeared. Before the fluorescent screen, after a year, its current state was followed.

May Zili experienced the AV incident and disappeared in front of the fluorescent screen in the past year. According to an Apple Daily report in Hong Kong, May Zili was hit directly on the street, with light makeup, wearing a hat and jeans, and the whole body was completely covered. After Shamli Zili went to the supermarket to buy bread, she went into an industrial building.

Mai Zili admits that she currently manages an administrative job in the office, but is part-time, she has no choice but to say that she wants to bow to reality, she thinks she is an ordinary person, but Mai Zili still loves the stage and hopes to return to the entertainment industry in the future.

(China Times)

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