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More benefits! A molecule in broccoli can inhibit cancer – a life


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The cauliflower common in western food can create a variety of foods, and it is also one of the favorite vegetables of many people, but recently published a scientific journal published in the journal Science, a discovery of Harvard scientists, cauliflower and other plants of krozipros. Contains a natural molecule that can inhibit cancer.

According to, there are many reasons for cancer, including a genetic mutation is a major factor, if cancer genes become active, they will induce cancer, and if they "suppress cancer cells" mutations in the gene, the loss of the original anti-cancer function will also lead For the development of cancer.

- cauliflower - (fig / pixabay)

▲ A molecule in broccoli can inhibit cancer. (Schematic, figure / pixabay)

Among tumor suppressor genes, PTEN is one of the most common mutant genes in humans. If activated, it will impair the body's ability to fight cancer. If you can redesign the normal level of PTEN, you can release tumor suppressor activity and prevent cancer.

Harvard scientists have discovered that PTEN in cancer cells is reduced, and is associated with E3iquitin ligase E3 called WWP1, which affects tumor suppressor function of PTEN. Scientists believe that as long as it can inhibit the function of WWP1, it may release PTEN and restore delay of cancer.

Scientists have discovered that a natural compound called "indole-3-carbineol" (I3C) can inhibit WWP1, which is found everywhere in Crocker plants, such as broccoli. Finally, using the mouse experiment, it was found that it could actually restore the tumor suppressor function of PTEN and reduce tumor volume in tumors in mice.

- cauliflower - (fig / pixabay)

▲ It is not just eating broccoli to prevent cancer. (Schematic, figure / pixabay)

The study was published in the journal Science, but they stressed that the molecule is derived from broccoli and does not say broccoli can prevent cancer, pointing out that if there are potential anticancer effects, they should be calculated on a daily basis. Eating nearly 6 pounds of cruciferous vegetables is obviously difficult for ordinary people to achieve, and this is unrealistic. This study is worth the development of drugs to inhibit cancer in the future, revealing a new path.

The benefits of broccoli are among the best in the list of "vegetables against cancer" released by the National Cancer Center of Japan, others such as Korean cabbage, apple, kiwi, tomatoes, corn etc. They are all fruits and vegetables against cancer. (Editor: You Yazhen)

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