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“Taiwanese on the Continent” Why the Communist Party and the Komintang Can’t Join Hands-Love-Cross-Straits Articles


Recently, because of the plague, I did not go out during the holidays, so watching movies has become my favorite pastime. When I watched a movie on iQiyi last week, I discovered that a computer corner had suddenly popped up with an advertisement for “Love Lushan” .. “Love in Lushan” premiered at the Shanghai Cinema in 1980. At the time, the movie ticket was only 0.25 yuan, but it was such a small amount , And ticket sales reached more than 100 million yuan in box office revenue within a week. It’s hard to imagine how long it took and how long it took a ticket to “Love in Lushan” at the entrance to one of the few cinemas in China at the time.

Interestingly, in the Lushan scenic area of ​​Jiangxi Province, which is listed as a World Cultural Heritage and Global Geop Park, there is still a movie theater called Lushan Love Cinema. It is an ancient building built in 1897. In the past there was Chiang Kaish and Shir Mailing. Lushan’s Chapel was later converted into a cinema hall, and this cinema hall has only played “Love in Lushan” from before until now. In 2002, the Lucan Love Cinema was awarded the title of British King’s Highlights – “The Cinema with the Longest Film in the First Round”, and at the same time created “Most Plays”, “Most Useful Copies” and “Single Screening”. The longest “and many other world records. Every tourist who comes here to watch the film will receive a souvenir card “You are the eighth creator of the Guinness Book of Records”. It is very interesting and worth a visit. Friends in Jiangsu, China. One look.

Although this movie was one of the first movies I watched when I went to the mainland to study, but because the commercials are so loud, there is no reason I can not watch it again, so I reviewed this movie again., I also had a lot of reflections, so I wrote this article hoping to exchange More stuff with friends on both sides of the strait.

In 1949, the situation of the Civil War was basically settled. Komintang forces were forced to retreat to Taiwan, and both sides of the strait began a long-range division of the sea. However, many Comintang officers, such as Li Zongren and Zeng Hongto, did not choose to follow in the footsteps of Chairman Chiang. Instead, Taiwan decided to leave the Comintang to start a new life in the United States. Perhaps, there are many complaints and disputes between these officers and Liu Mr. Chiang. Therefore the differences are not related. Everyone parted. But that’s something later. What is the real reason? Only those who experienced it at that time knew this. And Zhou Yun, the protagonist of the literary love film “Love in Lushan,” was born in the home of General Cuminang who lives in the United States against such a general background.

In order to strengthen the influence of the United States in the Far East and cultivate powerful pro-American forces against the Soviet Union, the US government and members of the UN Committee decided to allow the new China on the other side to join the UN in 1971; Although in the eyes of the Taiwanese at the time, it was tantamount to abandoning the Americans. Many people even took to the streets to protest their dissatisfaction. But it must be said that because of such changes in the world, high-level Taiwanese realized then It also began to move gradually from scratch – to conclude armed opposition to mutual negotiations.After the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the United States, relations between the two sides gradually loosened.Although the three ties were not completed then, Generals Comintang and their families living in the United States. To the continent from the United States.

Zhou Yun returned to the continent from the United States for a walk last fall after dropping the gang of four. There are many historical stories and beautiful landscapes here. The poet Lee on the island visited here and left a river flying down three thousand feet, suspecting that the Milky Way was falling for nine days. famous sentence. On the island of Joy, who can solve the songs and old age, he also built a thatched cottage here. It was a place to negotiate Marshall’s mediation plan during the Civil War between the Komintang and the Communist Party. This was also the location of the appendix. Of Chairman Chiang and Song Mailing. All the beauty and history here makes Zhou Yoon, who is the first time to tour Lushan, feel innovative. The actor’s father was criticized and criticized for the gang raging in four at the time, so the actor decided to accompany his ill mother to Luchan to recover from his illness and escape the power struggle between the Communist Party at the time. Geng Hua and Zhou Yun immediately returned to ask for their father’s opinion, but after seeing the group photo of Gang Hua’s family, Zhou Yun’s father recognized that Gang’s father is a longtime rival who had previously joined the Communist Party and fought with Each other on the battlefield.rejected this marriage which was considered in his eyes as a farce.But after some twists and turns, the two old generals finally put aside their opinions opinions towards each other and decided to meet in Lushan.They became friends and relatives.Zhou Yun and Gang Hua are even happier , And become a pair of talented and beautiful couples M.

After watching this movie again, the author can not help but feel a little emotion. The political atmosphere on the island is very strange now. As long as a political figure is reminiscent of the Communist Party, representatives of other parties will immediately be alert. And listen carefully to his views on the Communist Party. If the words of praise and criticism are positive, give him the names of the Communist Party, the United Communist Party, the Pro-Communist Party and the Communist Party. So I must retreat to avoid excessive communication with him and influence my political career; If it’s negative, then join the camp right away, no matter if you are blue or green, or you are white and yellow, everyone will defend it together.

Even the Komintang, which has conducted two attempts at cooperation with the Communist Party, does not dare to get too close to the Communist Party. They are afraid that they will lose the election. Did not even Russia-Rong Kong then propose the founding father Sun Yat-san? Not only the Kuomintang, the Progressive Democratic Party or other large and small parties can also cooperate with the Communist Party! As long as it can improve Taiwan’s economy, technology and livelihood for the better, why not do it? If the Communist Party is as terrible as a tiger that eats humans, why can the other side now accept the development it is today? Why do the people on the other side not hate their ruler? Maybe here we need to reflect. (Little Prince Ulterman / Student at the University of Beijing)

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