The city of roses is twice shot, the pioneers only fight for honor


After 19 years, Partland broke into the Western Conference again, and the proud records of the pioneers gave it the city known for its literary writing and art, and it was full of vitality.

Even on a rainy day, fans are already waiting outside, Pippen and Porter are coming early, tonight is the most expensive sporting event in the history of Portland, with an average price of $ 497.

"To be honest, the team did not meet the expectations, the game of the evening for fans in Portland is like Christmas, but we did not insist on it, in the second half of the game I'm a little confused, I hope I can play the next game. Sam after the game with 20 years of season striker cards.

Lillard's breakthrough was stubbornly resisted by the fighters

The second winner of the Western Conference has a maximum advantage of 17 points, and the biggest advantage this evening is 18 points, the absolute advantage in the hands, the pioneers in the third quarter do not know what to do, they can not keep it, let the fighters blow up and blow when the result is tied. Lillard looked up and looked at the celebration of the warrior bench and sighed deeply.

After the game, Lillard stared at his ribs, slowly emerged from the dressing room and saw the media surveillance, he chose to refuse unexpectedly, and Lillard did not want to expose his weak side to the fans.

He insisted on playing the game with a rib injury and did not complain.

"Everyone is tired, this is the third round of the playoffs, I have a lot of special attention in the final round, the same round of fighters has strengthened my defense, I need another attempt to complete the attack and also to defend.

The playoffs are different from previous years, there is only one day off between the two games, the pioneers experienced the cut in the final round, the physical strength is no better than the fighters, the data will not be forged. In the first half the pioneers have 66 points and the second half only in the second half. 33 points, the physical problems led directly to the situation of the pioneers in the second half.

0 to 3 behind, no one in history can not turn, not to mention in front of the defending champion, it can be said that the pioneers want to advance to the championship has been an impossible task.

Seth Carrie did not speak this evening with the media. He sat with his towel and blinked for a long time, even communication between public relations personnel was very little, and the dressing room of the pioneer Was once again abandoned, and they were put into a desperate situation tonight.

CJ ยท Mccollum still has a nice suit after the game. The difference is that he keeps watching the playlist with a tablet. Even the little fans who want to fight with him are not able to get what they want. Jiggy shook his head all the way to the press conference, and he admitted his mistake when he came up.

"For me there is no excuse, I try my best to concentrate on the game, I had to be punished for these free shots, especially Yura, it's my responsibility to miss the free shots."

In the second half they are more like explaining the situation of the pioneers, the mentality and the physical strength, if you lead by 18 points, such a big advantage will be renewed within a few minutes, and the psychological change will not change. Impossible, unfortunately, the warriors are such a team, not only can win, but also destroy team in mind.

After the night, the pioneers hung their feet on the edge of the cliff, feeling that if there was wind and grass, they would fall into the abyss and break the bones.

The Western Conference is not yet over, and the pioneers still have a way forward, but then they must first fight for honor.

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