Thursday , February 25 2021

Using insulin resistance testing to understand the golden age of diabetes prevention

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(Taiwan English News / M & M and Interview Report) Every 8 seconds in the world, one person died from diabetes, the prevalence rate of over 65 years was 29.9%, and there was one patient per four elderly. In 2017, the number of patients with diabetes in Taiwan exceeded 2.3 million, and it continued to increase by 25,000 per year. Diabetes has become an epidemic that has swept the world. With the new vision of preventive medicine, precise prevention in advance has become the mainstream treatment of the disease.

Every year, 6-22% of pre-diabetes patients progress to diabetes because patients with no clear symptoms often do not know rickets, but in recent years, medical evidence has shown that pre-diabetes can be checked and assessed by the Insulin Resistance Index. According to nearly 5,000 data from well-known health management centers, patients with abnormal insulin induction (HOMA-IR≥2), even if normal blood glucose levels, still have one in five diabetes risks.

The main cause of insulin resistance is excessive fat, especially in patients with indoor dirty fat, body fat and fatty fat. Most pre-diabetes patients … Often the body does not respond well to insulin, causes "insulin resistance", and the pancreas has compensate for more insulin to lower blood sugar.

According to her, if the impedance index is 5, it means that the body should set aside 5 times of insulin to lower blood sugar, as the cells age, can not produce 5 times of insulin, blood sugar will rise.

15 years ago, up to 60% developed into diabetes, and the most effective way to improve insulin resistance is to increase muscle mass, change body composition and improve blood sugar metabolism.

Dr. Lay said diabetes is not only hereditary, but closely linked to diet, exercise and lifestyle habits. In addition, how to effectively identify, detect symptoms, catch the golden period of prevention, and start early-stage activities is the key For making the disease.

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