Thursday , August 5 2021

[Zhongtian Interactive LIVE]Accidental casualties of Truko suffered heavy casualties, and the National Transportation Safety Committee teamed up to investigate the site and locate the cause – Jungian TV

  1. [Zhongtian Interactive LIVE]The latest! The Taroko accidentally suffered heavy casualtiesJongtian TV
  2. Taroko’s tragedy “The railway and the highway are connected”. There is no Huo of cancellations in Huadong.Cloud News ETtoday
  3. 36 people lost their lives! Quickly rescued the passengers trapped in a truck accidentAnd video
  4. Many people in the truck disqualification show no signs of life have seen Chingling: Many people in the vehicle return to Huadong to sweep their graves.Cloud News ETtoday
  5. The road home is so long and difficultUDN United News Network
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