Thursday , September 29 2022

Accelerated summary of bridging "pre-wedding".


Victims of Preventive Continuity Ten criminal cases were found to speed up the trial – mediation.

The case of the page was exposed to a package of clothing store offering 500,000 baht, but back to the Chinese table, chairs, dirt, dinner, noodles stands, paper bowls. Delicious food and carpet at work. Meanwhile, there were more than 200 people injured, with a total loss of 10 million baht.

On November 18, 2561, General Thaksin Shinawatra, deputy head of the Investigation Department (Wongsao), said that the victims had been reported. Expect to take some time to get notified. The officer should take 1 – 2 weeks to complete the summary of all completed trials, found that there are more than 10 cases of criminal offense, which must meet summary officer investigation of the offense again. Officials are acting against time. Because the defendant was among the prisoners. I need to speed up this case to complete.

Pol.Lt. Revealed for the victims who reported daily. For fear of damage. Most of the time, when the refund is due. Mostly it's not a refund. Expected when the defendant was arrested. The store was deflated. The authorities will call the defendants by the police as an intermediary to mediate with the mourners. This step will occur after the end of the claim for damage in this case.

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