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Department of Disease Control – Corrections Department checks prisoners in prison – 17 correction institutions


On April 30, Dr. Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, Director General of the Department of Disease Control and Polyn Nerat Swatnan, Executive Director of the Department of Corrections opened the project "Returning healthy people to society" at the Central Institute for Youth Rehabilitation, Pathumthani Province, there are international organizations, (UNODC), UNAIDS, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Red Cross Society, the Public Health Ministry of the District (SSO), Fatum Thani.

Dr. Suwannachai said that the project to bring healthy people back to the company is an activity that promotes cooperation between the Department of Disease Control and the Department of Corrections and Medical Surveillance among prisoners released and has fulfilled its mission in Lord Warung HRH SOMSAWALI Warrag Eroth Thidmatt, who responded to the post of Good Ambassador of the UN Program AIDS Goodwill Ambassador to the Asia-Pacific Region and its grandchildren Photo 4 – Princess Patella USA Kittyhappa served as Goodwill Ambassador to promote the rule of law and the criminal justice system in Southeast Asia from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNAIDS) Drugs and Crime – UNODC), both of which are committed to improving the quality of life of prisoners in particular The action of HIV and other services involved in prison

"The Department of Disease Control and Corrections Department have formulated an intensive program to end HIV problems in prisons There are 7 important steps, including 1. Promoting education through friends to help prison members to create peer-to-peer (Peer Educator) 2. Providing voluntary counseling and blood testing services 3. Promotion of access to condoms of prisoners 4. Promotion of access to antiretroviral drugs for HIV and AIDS-infected prisoners 5. Development of preventive, full and continuous services in the prisoners' group 6. Development of the referral system with the participation of external organizations 7. Research and development of appropriate forms to prevent And solve AIDS problems in prisons Activities in this project include: 1. General examination of diseases 2. HIV AIDS for syphilis, hepatitis C virus and lung photography 3. Counseling and health counseling such as the promotion of antiretroviral therapy to prevent HIV infection (Pre-Exposure Prephylaxis) and 4 The purpose of the project is to launch projects in 17 houses Prison and detention centers and to prepare for medical examinations in all the prisons throughout the country, "said Dr. Savantz.

On the side of Major General Narrat, according to data from the Corrections Department in 2019, Thailand has more than 386,000 prisoners in prison, about 3,000 prisoners are released every month, about 5,000 new prisoners. Some prisoners suffer from various diseases such as AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. In addition, some prisoners also died in prison. Due to the group of prisoners Is a group of people harming health with closed prison situation There are many prisoners. High risk of health Therefore, the situation of prisoners, both in prison and before being released, must be examined in order to monitor, prevent and control the disease. Both inside the prison and being treated in an external service unit to promote quality of life to allow prisoners to receive full physical and mental health, are ready to go to work themselves and their families after they have been granted the right to return healthy people to society

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