Saturday , October 16 2021

"Head" Heavy Heavy – Pet Premium Grade Revenue of the year exceeded 2 billion USD.

PP Prime Promo Strategy for Product Promotion Marine Animals – Premium Grade Pets to Increase Sales. Vietnam, Malaysia, India and China have expanded their customer base.

Mr. Nisun Somsong, CEO of PP Prime Minister, or PPPM, is a global leader in sustainable, economic, social and environmental sustainability.Centerial energy businesses include geothermal energy and wind energy in Japan.Including investment in other businesses.In the fourth quarter of the year, the company continues to expand its business Agriculture and pet continuous.This is the company's main revenue-generating business.Church shrimp sales in the third quarter of 2016 increased by 46% compared to the same quarter last year due to the market strategy of premium shrimp.

There are plans to penetrate new markets. Both domestic and international, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, India and China, focusing on shrimp feed. And lobster to expand the customer base. And create a network of shrimp species that are strong. And this is the market leader. As well as creating a network partner to buy black tiger shrimp. And lobster to be another channel. Make income for the company. It is expected that in 2018 will be able to sell shrimp feed. Targeted by 100% or 25,000 tons, compared to sales of about 18 thousand tons last year, or an increase of 39%

While the income from fish meal remained stable. Compared to the same quarter last year, the company still retains its existing customer base. The company plans to expand into overseas markets such as Myanmar, China, Vietnam and India, which have large trade partner Lao PDR.

Today, the company markets mainly in the local market. There are also plans to market fresh fish. And find a network of fish species. The company is targeting 40,000 tons of fish food this year.

Previously pet food (OEM). The order was leased to produce continuously. Result of total income. Production of aquatic animal food Pet food in the third quarter of 2008 increased by 5.42% compared with the same quarter last year, which is expected to meet the target. Based on an aggressive marketing strategy of agribusiness business. Petrochemicals and livestock businesses pushed the company's revenue growth this year to Bt2,000mn

Said Mr. Nuss. For clean energy investments, including a geothermal plant in Japan, the company plans to launch 15 commercial projects (COD). 20KW Wind Energy Project in Hokkaido and Omori, Japan Currently, 7 projects have been completed and the remaining 20 projects are under construction.

For investment in real estate.The condominium condominium type under the name "Nagomi Waterfront Tower", located on the river bank.Da Nang Vietnam city center is expected to be clear in 2016.
In addition, Mr. Nuss said that during the past nine months, the Company succeeded in repaying the institutional body's debt for a fixed period. As a result, the outstanding debentures amounted to 904.19 million Bahat of Bahat's debentures – NIS 1,242.81 million. Loans from financial institutions decreased to Baht 607.83 million from Baht's existing loan of NIS 646.68 million, In the amount of NIS 4.51 million. From 4.92 million baht, so the total long-term loan declined to 1,516.53 million baht from the previous loan of 1,894.41 million baht. Be strong. The financial position of the Company. "We have a long way to go," he said.

However, for the three-month period ended September 30, 2018, the company's total revenue was $ 544.17 million, an increase of 16.03 million baht or 3.04%, with EBITDA or pre-tax profit. Gross profit margins declined by 3%, and operating results for the nine months ended January-September totaled Baht 1,520.80 million, an increase of 123.54 million baht or 8.84%. From the recognition of shrimp / feed fish and pet food business with sustained growth. In addition, the company has realized 15 geothermal power generation projects (COD).

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