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I do not know what to do.


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November 7, 2018


Social storm "Deputy Songkran" I wanted to discharge because I do not lose the penalty apology "Matt AF" to compensate. And the family is worried.

Deputy Songkran Techanarong, former husband of "AF" Thaksin Channel 3 "Map" Pirenay Thai, where he posted a message through that IG.

"I use this space to apologize to Matt and the mother who has to come here because I was the reason I want to ask you because you do not like this story If I'm not emotional, come to me I 'il always be my friend Flat or meet me I want to unload I will listen to and talk to each other, I am willing to accept myself because I moved closer to the past, and it was not the reason, it 's the third party you think.

I and AFL have parted for a long time, as everyone knows. And today I apologize to the AFL and my family for turning the matter around.

Then I said "I do not want to miss it again" I mean. "I made a mistake that made my life fail." This does not mean missing a meeting with anyone. The past has always been good. I want to understand this intent to fit offline.

I know I'll go out with this kind of negative feedback. But we must prove the intention to understand more clearly and clearly.

I apologize to my family and all those who love and care for me. I'm sorry.

A section of children All the time, my grandmother took care of her in full. Not just to show responsibility for action. But because love really is not careful.

If you want to unpack it, I'll drop into the one I have. No fines, of course.

After Songkran published to IG. More than 5,000 entries.

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