Sunday , October 2 2022

In another sad news in the entertainment industry, Thawatchai Phanphakdi, the producer of the movie “Cow Nahon”, has passed away.


Sad news in the entertainment industry again! The end of Thawatchai Phanphakdi, a film director in Bangkok. Discovered he had congenital diseases like diabetes and stress

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On October 17, 64, again sad news about the entertainment industry when Facebook movie star Announced the loss of Lam Prah Nahon or Thwatchi Panfkadi, general film director at the Frankorn Cinema Camp who died quietly

States that “should be recorded in the history of the entertainment industry that Sunday 17 October 2021 as after all, the saddest day for entertainers since the early hours of the morning until the afternoon the music industry is losing the celebrity of 3 people in a row.

Recently this past afternoon the entertainment industry lost its comeback for the fourth time with the passing of Phi Lam – a pre-Nahan film or Mr. Twatchi Penkfadi, a famous producer and general manager of films. At the Pre Nahon cinema camp, entertainment enthusiasts as well as artists, celebrities and brothers in the media. And stress diseases that when they are stressed the pressure will rise accordingly

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