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LINE TV NEXPLOSION 2019 Great quality content for free viewing. Lead the team by a series that BNK48 plays!


AIS digitall shop officially launched on the second floor of the shopping center in Phuket Flores Phuket. It is considered the first prototype of a wireless store in Thailand. It focuses on responding to the new generation with the idea

The unoccupied store

  • No waiting queues (no queue)
  • There is no need for counter service
  • No cash (no cash)
  • That all ends in one press!

But ah! Many people wonder what the store is. And how it will help us do not have to wait in line

We explain as follows: The lack of people is that AIS shop will use robots and automated services as the main decision. Instead of using people normally one branch will have about 30 employees, leaving only 10 to 15 people or none! That anyone who comes to import will choose to use the service using a robot or automated service machine. Click to click to finish! Get what you want back or if someone is uncomfortable with the robot store will still be real people to help facilitate. But as you can tell, people are really just an element that will lead us to service through robots. Not trading in the same person

As for the matter, do not wait for this line. In fact, he still has to wait. But will take less time because people will be able to only choose to choose and save a lot of time unless someone comes to stand in front of the closet stand, stand, stand, think … this one is central.

Alex, a prototype robot that has been launched in Bangkok

The image of the robot we see is Huco, an intelligent robot now used as a popcorn cooker. This is a good sign that a retail store AIS store that is being launched today is definitely interesting and interesting.

With a REAL LISA robot or REAL DIGIT Personal Name it will be like a guide providing basic information and taking you to different service points There are vending machines used to buy, pay to make people just go in. Click, click and then get the product at all.

And not be confused that the store has divided the area into 4 zones as well

  1. Order DIGIT Ordering screen service and self service
  2. DIGIT VENDING Automatic Purchase Service Get products instantly
  3. Fishing & Fishing CAFÉ A digital coffee area to sell snacks and drinks through the SMART Coffee Machine and RABBIT LINE PAY VENDING
  4. New Director Regional show and educate customers about the new technologies that are coming.

For the future, a shop without a team

At the opening ceremony of the store, this person was also honored by Phakphong Thiphat, Governor of Phuket, to be the co-chairman of the event.By beginning to combine various innovations to allow AIS Store 163 branches across the country to meet most customers.

Phakphong Thiphat, Governor of Phuket Province

As for the reason that the first branch in Phuket was based on AIS data, it is revealed that according to large cities, the rate of technological exposure of people is not very different. This province, combined with Phuket, is a tourist city with Thai and foreign alike. Here's the right county to launch.

Hui Weng Chong, CEO of Advanced Information Service Company Limited or AIS Public Company

Busaya Sathiriphatkun Director of Customer Service and Management Service Advanced Information Service Public Limited Company or AIS


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