Monday , October 3 2022

"Marquez" pleased to grab the grid to start 5. After the shoulder drop: PPTVHD36


Qualifying Round MotoGP final course, Valencia Grand Prix in Spain. Last night there are many events with "Mark Marquez" and "Maverick Beyond".

"Marquez" pleased to grab the grid to start 5. After a shoulder fall

On the birth of the drama in the final round. The rise of Bill Maverick, teammate Yamaha to drop around Q1 before accelerating work back to grab the survey in Q2 incredibly. While Markaz missed the first round. And the left shoulder. Marquez's organs have problems. But after a break in the pit and consult with a medical team. Marquez returned to the race. And do a great job. Grab a Starter 5 network to control with time slower than 0.13 second seconds, which Marquez said. Unfortunately, it falls at this rate. Maybe because the tire temperature is not warm enough. But back to the race. Ready to start. With less time than just seconds. That's what Marx is very pleased with.

For the MotoGP 2018 Final Field PPTV HD36 TV version of Motorola and the MotoGP version today at 18.20 hours and MOGGP tape at 21:45.

Photo: JOSE Jordan / AFP

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