Thursday , August 18 2022

Nachon C. Timrat gamblers invaded and were caught, boxing – snooker after being organized into a dark red area.


Mr. Kreisoren Visitwong, Governor of Nahun Si Tamrat Province instructed Mr. Prasong Chanyu to defend Nahon Si Tamrat Province. And Mr Nantawat Kitifan Patana Deputy District Security Officer Mueang District Nakhon Si Thammarat led the power of the local council and community leaders to investigate the smuggling of all kinds of gambling in the area. Mueang Province to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

-First Police searched the area of ​​the house in Bang Chuck County, Muang Province, and found six gamblers, including a group of snooker gamblers. Without permission he was prosecuted for illegally playing snooker bets on each other’s property. Without permission and joint activities to organize which may risk the spread of corona disease 2019 and violation of the emergency order issued in accordance with Article 9. In addition, it was found that there were a group of children and adolescents aged 13-15 years also in the pool of snooker stabs. . Therefore inform the parents and train and learn and invite all the groups of children and youth. Before leaving the house

– Watch Check out Tea Store, Mo 3, Na Khian District, Mueang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat. After learning that there is a bet on the boxing box via a live broadcast of Muay Thai when the officer arrives at the destination I found out that there is a real gambler on boxing boxes. Therefore, the siege of the tea shop stopped all 20 boxing gamblers, most of them aged 60 and over. In addition, it was found that some gamblers did not wear masks.

The investigation admitted that betting on boxing machines to relieve stress during the holidays. So he stopped all gamblers using the TV broadcasting Muay Thai 1 live, a certain amount of cash was prosecuted for illegal boxing gambling broadcast on TV, gamble on this property without permission, connect to organize activities that could jeopardize the spread of corona 2019 and violate the order The emergency.

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