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& Promerie & # 39; Ranked # 20 on CME Golf & Lexi Thompson, lead 12 points.

Today (17 November 2006) Golf Tournament 8 of CME Tournament Group at Tiburon Golf Club Par 72, Naples, Florida. "The 8th hand of the American world holds five more points, bringing the total to 12. Under the arrival of two national golfers, Britney Lynch and Amy Olson, the first leaders of the 3 strokes.

"Pro M – Irish Yuten Nassu" made 4 birds lost 3 bogeys finished the round with 1 extra, 3 under, up to 20 joins.

I love you. The best Thais players made 4 birds, 2 bogeys, 2 extra under section 7 under section 6.

The other Thai golfers Pro-Ring Phon Anong Diamond is 29 under the "Promo" Moiji Jutanusan, Peru Junior – Thitipa Suan Pakapan over 2. 51 joins Pro-

Golf fans follow the Thai players cheering to play three days in the channel 689 sports channels, starting at 01.00.

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