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"Novak Djokovic" "Alkalander Sanders" revealed two groups of tennis ATP secondary and the British Museum

Today (November 15, 61) in the 49th ATP playoffs in Second Towers, London, England, the company earned $ 8 million worth more than $ 263 million, which is seven hundred thousand dollars. Four shots he played in the group "Gaga" Gustav Keating.

Two tennis players who won the first competition, Novak Jakubik, and a five-time champion from Serbia, Sanders Sanders. In the first set, 75% of the players were 75% of the score. 1 wins two shots and has a chance to win the championship in 6 times.
Roger meets Federer in the final. Vorksham won 1, lost 1, and John Isner

Marin Chilch, the fifth from Croatia, meets John Isner, 8 from the US Six was better than winning 7, while Isis won 3, despite being taller than 2 meters. He served 17 Aces, but Chili Earned 89 points for his first serve, 4 out of 5 times defeating John Isner, 6-7, Tigers 2-7, 6-3,6-4, who Chilch won 1, lost 1 times.
The results of the team was third in the rankings, the way Yakovits did not lose the team for the finalists 8 will meet Novak Djokovic, while Isner lost two. Crunch & amp;

Companies Layton Fry Terry Group Huawitt today in the channel True HD HD 670. The first pair started at 21:00 at 2 pm.

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