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"Parker" creates a new record near the sun


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At 13.04 local time in the US on 29 October "Parker Solar Probe" The new spacecraft is close to approaching the sun at the closest distance that human searches have ever made.It was a surplus of the original Helios 2 spacecraft built under American and German cooperation at a distance of 42.73 million km. April 1976

Parker's propulsion sun also broke the speed record of the Helix 2, which has been precipitating at 246,960 mph (246,960 mph). Such a course. And set to break many more data in the near future.

Parker was sent from Cape Canaveral, Florida on August 12. When they reach the target 78 days later, it is expected to hover above the sun for a total of 24 rounds in close ranges, which will progress ever more in all passing lapbars when the final round reaches around 2025. Parker is only 6.16 million kilometers from the surface of the sun and will be gravitating At the maximum speed of the Sun. Forecasts of the spacecraft at 690,000 km / h.

Parker Solar probes are made from special carbon compounds. To prevent the heat and radiation from the sun from destroying all exploration tools in the craft.

The goal is to explore the sun. Solar system center is to find the answer. Why the outer atmosphere of the sun, known as "Corona", is much higher than the surface temperature of the star. And find the answer to that. What exactly acts as a catalyst acceleration in the solar wind to such a great speed.

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