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“PTTEP Digital Bonds”, check the details here. Offer to register a wallet wallet


Became a trend of public interest after the “Thai Bank of Thailand” came out PTTEP Digital Bonds PTT research and manufacturing company limited public for the first time in Asia throughBonds walletIn the app Purse Easy to buy, easy to sell, available 24 hours a day.

Maximum return rate 2.75% per year *

The average interest rate is 2.25% pa
1-2 year interest 2.00% pa
3-4 year, interest 2.25% pa
Annual interest 5 2.75% pa

– Minimum investment of only 1,000 baht
– More convenient than charging wallet using Krungthai account up to 10 million baht
Credit rating of the “AAA” bonds according to the TRIS rating.
Register a wallet wallet. : 9:00 a.m. on October 18, 1964 onwards
Expected to be offered for sale: 2-4 November 2021

Warning: A risky investment. Investors need to learn and understand the characteristics of the product. Return terms and risks before making an investment decision. Investors can learn details from the registration statement and draft prospectus at www.sec.or.th

Note: The allotment is at the discretion of the debtor. The terms of distribution are as set out in the draft prospectus.

"PTTEP Digital Bonds" Check details here an offer to register a wallet wallet

PTTEP joins hands with “Krungthai” to revolutionize investments by offering PTTEP “digital bonds” through its wallet for the first time in Asia. Easy to sell, 24 hours a day using the Tao Tang app. Emphasizes its status as an “open digital platform in Thailand” with an initial investment of only 1,000 baht, interest payments every 6 months, giving access to equal access to private bonds answering a stable return with a “AAA” credit rating from the TRIS rating.

Benefits PTTEP Digital Bonds

  • Convenient, easy, trades anywhere, anytime using the wallet app.
  • Buy / Sell in real time, receive instant cash payments.
  • Committed to opening a Thai krong account to support private bond trading (more convenient to transfer money to a wallet up to 10 million baht)
  • Support for loading the wallet from the account of various banks for trading in private bonds.
  • View information on holding debentures Purchase price / selling price Information on interest turnover as well as withholding tax, all in one place

Subscriber skills

  • Individual clients with Thai citizenship with ID cards
  • Does not have U.S. Citizenship (FATCA) status
  • Age 20 and up

PTTEP is an oil exploration and production company. Engaged in the business for more than 36 years in pursuit of local and international oil to create energy security and meet the country’s energy demand with more than 40 exploration and production projects in 15 countries, the company continues to strengthen its core business in oil exploration and production. Meanwhile looking for investment opportunities in new businesses such as technology businesses businesses related to renewable energy and new energy

Mr. Monterey Levenchicol CEO of PTT Research and Production Public Company Ltd. or PTTEP Revealed that PTTEP plans to offer bonds to the general public in the Thai capital market. By cooperating with Thai Kong Bank this bond trading service through the application “Bao Tang” is considered to be bond trading with a digital wallet. First full-time job in Asia to give retail investors the opportunity to gain access to investments with PTTEP, the leading oil research and production company in Thailand. PTTEP digital bonds are therefore available for a minimum investment of only 1,000 baht, which is the lowest initial investment value of any bond sale in the country. The company expects to be able to determine the total value of the bond issue at the end of October. And it is expected to open the issuance of the bonds between November 2-4, 2021.

PTTEP digital bonds offered for sale These are long-term bonds called holders, not subject to, unsecured and have a 5-year bondholder representative, maturing in 2026 with a rated interest rate starting at 2.00 percent per annum. And the highest at 2.75% per annum, representing an average yield of 2.25% per annum, with interest payment every 6 months PTTEP received a credit rating of “AAA” by TRIS rating on September 14, 2021, which is the highest rating of domestic debt instruments. Reflects the business strength of the company and its financial stability

“This digital bond issuance by PTTEP marks the return to public bond issuance for the first time in 10 years. PTTEP as a Thai energy company. Wants to give Thai investors an opportunity to participate in investing with PTTEP to meet the needs of those looking for investment opportunities in companies with future stability and growth. Minimal initial investment of trading in local bonds and can trade comfortably through the “Pau Tang” application, which is the use of technology to increase efficiency and develop the Thai capital market. By raising this funds the company will use it to repay loans or debts from the issuance of debt instruments. As well as the use of working capital for business activity to create future growth, ”Mr Monterey said.

Mr. Pyong Srivnich, President of the Thai Bank of Thailand It has been revealed that the bank is committed to using new financial innovations to continuously develop financial products and services to meet the needs of customers and all groups of people. In digital channels that are easy to access, convenient to use and safe to meet the needs of the new era especially a wallet application which was developed by Infinitas by Krungthai to be an open digital platform in Thailand, allowing users from all groups to use the service. Even without an account Thai Krong Bank is willing to open up for cooperation with various public and private partners alike to enhance the potential of the platform to be able to cover major activities in the lives of clients and individuals thoroughly in terms of financial services, health, lifestyle as well as savings and investments.

This time, the bank partnered with PTTEP to upgrade the Bao Tang app. Supported the purchase of PTTEP digital bonds, which is the first market for private bond subscribers. And it is possible to trade cash in the secondary market in full online channels through a wallet for the first time in Asia PTTEP digital bonds are rated the highest at the AAA level and have high demand in the bond markets. But in the past, trading cash bonds may have been difficult. Do not know where to trade Thai Kong Bank therefore serves as a middleman for the secondary market. Providing investors with a convenient and fast trading channel, 24 hours a day, receiving bonds and receiving money instantly for free also encourages working capital investments. Create liquidity for the Thai bond market as well.

“This collaboration is an important investment revolution that Thai people in all sectors of all income levels have access to AAA quality investment and reliable bonds with a minimum investment of only 1,000 baht, which can be traded in cash at any time. Which is the open digital platform in Thailand that Thai people are already familiar with. By Thai people Thai people both from government projects like half we travel together. Health wallet service and investment through the wallet. The SDGS aims in many respects, both in terms of continuous, comprehensive promotion, sustainable economic growth and reducing inequality in the country. The Bank will continue to develop products and services continuously. To meet customer needs in order to improve their lives thoroughly and sustainably. “

Dr.Pakorn Pitathawatchai, Managing Director and Director of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Revealed that he is happy to see the success of the sale of PTT ONEP digital bonds through the Tao Tang app This is a first and important step in the innovation of providing basic financial services to Thais equally and thoroughly. It will expand and upgrade the Thai capital market to the digital capital market and strengthen the existing competitiveness in the country.

For those interested in investing in PTTEP digital bonds, you can download the “Pau Tang” app to get ready to purchase the bonds. Investors can follow more details from the IPO prospectus at www.sec.or.th and www.krungthai.com or request information through Thai Krong Bank, call 02-111-1111


“Digital Bonds of PTT Research and Manufacturing Public Company Ltd. No. 1/21 for the year 2026” (“Bonds”)

Bond Issuer (Issuer)

PTT Research and Production Company Public Company Ltd. (“PTTEP” or “the Company”)

Type of bonds

Bonds in the name of not subject to, unsecured, and a representative holding a bond

Signed a debt

Public Company of Thai Kong Bank Ltd.

Credit rating of companies and bonds

TRIS Rating Co., Ltd. “AAA” “Stable” Forecast As of September 14, 2021

Type of offer

Issuance to the public Only a natural person who has reached the age of majority (not a minor) and has only Thai citizenship
The said person must be a resident or resident of Thailand only.

Offers value

Expected to set for mid-October 2021

Thai symbol


Maturity Bonds

5 years

Fixed interest

With a rise in interest rates on the scale

Year 1-2: Fixed rate 2.00% pa

Year 3-4: Fixed rate 2.25% pa

Year 5: Fixed rate 2.75% pa

An average return of 2.25% per annum

Risk level of bonds


Offer period and bond allocation

2-4 November 2021

Investors interested in subscribing to bonds can sign up for bonds through the wallet trading wallet. On the “Pao Tang” application of the Public Bank of Thai Krang Bank, from 08:30 on November 2, 2021 until the shares are fully buried in accordance with the proposed amount. But no later than 3:00 pm on November 4, 2021, which is the end of the subscription period.

In the allotment of the debentures offered for sale at this time to the debenture subscriber subscribers who sign up for the debentures and pay for a subscription through an app in the bond trading wallet. Good luck before the debentures are first allocated

Date of issue of bonds

November 5, 2021

Maturity date of debentures

November 5, 2026

Interest payment period

Pay interest on bonds every 6 (six) months, with the first interest payment date [5] May 2022

The minimum amount and the minimum value

The minimum subscription amount for bonds is one unit or 1,000 baht and multiplied by one unit or 1,000 baht at a time.
Subscribe for bonds up to 10,000 units or 10,000,000 baht per person

Method of registration and payment of a debt subscription

How to sign up for bonds

The subscriber must register for the debentures in the trading wallet in the debentures. Only in the “Pao Tang” app of Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited. Interested investors can learn more about the details, procedures and methods for applying for and registering for bonds in a wallet trading in bonds in the application above Click

Subscription payment for bonds

For the payment of the subscription to debentures If the subscriber completes the procedure for completing the subscription transaction until the payment process, the system will delete the subscriber’s subscription fee according to the amount the subscriber shows his intention to register from the subscriber’s wallet first. And if there is not enough money in the bond wallet’s hot wallet for the subscription fee the system will deduct the remaining money from the deposit account of Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited that the subscriber linked to his wallet website (if any). The debenture subscriber must hold sufficient funds in the wallet and / or in the deposit account of the public company in a Thai Kong Kong bank that the subscriber has linked to his wallet website in baht currency. To pay the subscription fee in full depending on the amount registered. If the subscriber does not have enough money in the wallet in baht currency and / or in the deposit account, the subscriber will not be able to successfully complete the bond subscription transaction in the bond trading wallet. In this regard, investors can transfer money to a wallet from other bank accounts. In case the subscriber does not have a deposit account with Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited

Fund payment

The bond issuer will repay the principal in full. At the maturity date of the bonds

Securities database

Thailand Securities Corporation Ltd. (“TSD”)

Registrar of Bonds

Public Company of Thai Kong Bank Ltd.

Representative of the bondholder

Public Company of Thai Kong Bank Ltd.

Registration form and draft prospectus for the bond project


Registration form and draft prospectus for this offer and subscription


Start writing a wallet, trading in bonds. Starting October 18, 2021
Starting at 9:00 p.m.

warning: Understand the product characteristics and return terms and risks before making investment decisions
Note: This document is not a bond issuance document. The listing of securities issuance information and the draft prospectus are not yet effective. Because the registration statement is submitted to the SEC for review, the information contained in this document may change. The draft prospectus went into effect. Investors are invited to learn the details in a registration statement offering bonds and in the draft prospectus submitted by the issuer to the SEC at www.sec.or.th.

Source – Thai Krong Bank / Photo: Facebook pttepplc

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