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Entertainment News Tuesday, November 13,

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"Entertainment vs." Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Match the day in the sixth month of the 12th month … "Mommy" report. Close the camera. For the drama "Love Sins" by 2 big boss "Child" Takrudee and "Enter" the thesis of Channel 31. With the director of "Fish" Peeraporn brings the frog – Suwannan, Fahrenheit, Organ – – Ornoch, Rocky – Suan Boden, etc., and the party closes in a color bar city in the city. After filming together for 4 months, the news that there are a lot of awards to share this event with both players and team smile go home.

I'll be alone. . The second heir of the famous "Nirin" (child nin-pnita) with "Bina" (mother child) to meet on "LITTLE NIRIN" EP 4 LINE TV has an opportunity to tag the group. Mom's attack I love you, and I love you. And when asked, "Bina," I'm glad that Gini got married? "A little, but Brooklyn and Jung" before "Binah" will end. "Mommy like to wear high heels, legs to tear and fall." "Nirin" did not give up "full makeup Ning no page full of acne full of lipstick a bit is not beautiful. "Nirarin mom" is good!

For more than 10 years in the music industry, Kalash (Kalash) has been invited to participate in the Thai Entertainment Industry Seminar. For SCA Superstar College of Arts students, this is "tribal". Transfer knowledge of music works. In the background, for the new generation with a note of love in music November 13 at 3 pm to listen to each other at the SCA.

I still did not have a girlfriend. Korean Soup Soup Now I found the fans. Thai people are close to you. The last heroine of Baron Sopot's "Love Plan" on Channel 8, who will fall in love with him from the boss or Manapa, will fly to heaven to visit Haung Ong's invitation. Big Boss' s Channel 8 For Fans. The series screamed. Meet with "Baron" on Monday, November 26, the entry.

After the fans of "Mercury Talk Wednesday Wednesday" on 104.5 FM echoes the story of the "jealousy" philosophy of asking the married company after watching for 14 years, but then found himself suffering from cancer. Final stage I have been in the city talk and then the last 3 gurus "DJ Taro" Pongsathorn, "Shadow DJ" Sunday and "Golf Ball DJ" Thanathip updated the disease of "chemotherapy" of liver cancer and cancer has improved for nearly a year! But returned to the complications of bone cancer and also spread to the brain, which is also now. "I do not know what to do," he said. Philosophy of Beetle Account Number 664-2-22202-1. KASIKORNBANK Bangna Center for fans who want to contribute directly to "

What's going on wow !! For Sisleron, Nongchan Sathanaanon, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sritra Co., Ltd. (Sizzler) and 2 new hot news presenter hot and warm friends – Napat and Tonino – Pakin transfer to the delicious Japanese style. Value on Thursday, November 15, 18:00 in the 6th floor central court 6th floor, World Center.

I do not know if it's a good idea to do it, have a taste of delicious with you. The new single "Lone Hug" plans to shoot the MV soon too.

It's time to cultivate the mother, "the lion" star fashion fashion industry. Take the hand of a fashion icon on the street, "JJ" Krishnepheum, "Holy" Suppaphong, "Perth" Thanon, "Sky" Wong Roo, Pimtha. Thaida, Thaitip Paisilp, Pai Guy, Alice, Jena de Souza for sharing to launch and update the new Adidas Ikonis source store in Asia. South-East Pacific this time, everyone will be full. And which items to join. View on November 17 at the original Adidas icon Siam on the 1st floor.

Two of the hot guys "Prat", Tennando and "Mark" Siwatt of the series in the girls' group, "accidentally love love by chance." Cute Dog in "Emotional Pets A-Porter 2018" This Thursday (15 November) at 14:00 in Quaternary Avenue, G Floor. Amphoria Shopping Center

It is from Tasanee Lertprasert. Senior Editor, Cleo Magazine, Awards Celebrating the 2018 (NightParty Award), which will meet the 50-year-old, will also meet Philip Kroner, the single best-selling in 2017, the world's biggest man. 2016 and Celebrities on Tuesday, November 20, 14:00 at DND Ekamai 5/1, with a special mini concert. Bull – Epiolet and Fifth Season, ending in DJ on stage by CLEO BACHELOR 2018.

End strange eyes of the girl "pancake" is a change. First Lady Gatsby Magazine MiX cover the November issue. To celebrate the 12th anniversary of the magazine MiX Magazine "Pan" discovered and remixed to the industry together. Fight through obstacles. But still stands firmly in the industry. It is a work in progress for themselves as well. "Pan" is now said to shoot three films, that is, Si Ayutthaya (second season), which is expected to be released at the end of the year. Wait for you to pay.



Mark – Sivash


Baron Sopot

I love the movie.


JJ – Krishna

And Longkorn – Aryeh

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