Saturday , October 23 2021

Rubber farmers under pressure stressed by government forces – innnews


In Khun Nong Hong Junction, Cha-am District, Nakhon Si Thammarat. This is where rubber and palm towers together to create a history of movement of rubber farmers five years ago fiercely. After current rubber prices continue to decline. There are small rubber farmers from many regions, a car parked in a row to prepare for the road on the road in accordance with the appointment to express the protest emblem to solve the problem of rubber prices has not progressed. While rubber prices continued to fall. Today by appointment. A large number of small rubber farmers were discussing the house of Mr. Mant Bonapat, president of the Rubber Rubber Association of Thailand. And meetings. Bring the cars coming from riding on rubber plantations together on the road. There will be an exit point of six points, the first point 1. Kuan Nong Hong split, the mother, 2. Three vegetable garden. 4. Lotus, Thong Song, 4. Ban Nong De Tsomet, Navon, 5. U-turn in front of market. Nakhon Si Thammarat and 6. In Lotus, Wiang Sa, Surat Thani.

However, officials searched the car thoroughly at every corner, claiming to look for weapons and illegal objects. There is also a recording of the license plate and photo ID card with registration of the vehicle in each traffic on this vehicle.

Mr. Manas said that rubber farmers have been calling for help from the government. And every time in that quiet state and there is no progress in the solution. This time, the movement of rubber plantations is a symbolic expression of our suffering. Claims We can not say that when it arrives, it will continue to move or not, in any case, to find the answer ahead. For the current situation of rubber prices, it was found that the price of latex is 28-31 baht per kilogram, rubber cups 12-15 baht and rubber sheets 32-35 baht per kilogram.

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