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"SME D Bank" on the arm of "Ministry of Finance" serving the factoring steps in Thailand to increase liquidity for SMEs |


"SME D Bank" joins forces with Provincial Finance to serve the carpet "SME Factoring Steps" across the country to support entrepreneurs who are government partners to bring commercial documents to change cash as a reserve fund immediately, without waiting for a period for a check. Get quick money within one day and the average interest rate is 0.583% per month only.

Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen Deputy Director General Acting CEO of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that the bank received support from the Provincial Finance Department, the Auditor General Department, Ministry of Finance to participate in the booth presentation "Steps to promote SMEs and liquidity" With a total of 8,000,000 baht in the project "Training for partners and partners with the government" whose provincial finance will organize training on knowledge to do business with the government sector for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs across the country more than 50 times from now on, such as May 23, held at City Hall, Sala Klang, Surat Thani Province, May 27, organized in Sri Sri Rum Kang Long Convention Center, Ann, Maharashtra May, May 28, was held in the Hall Hall, Pitch Room I, Baiji County and May 30, held at Krabi Marittima Hotel, Krabi Province etc. Operators who wish to use such measures can immediately submit the loan to the position.

In addition, the "factoring index of small and medium-sized companies" amounts to about 8,000 million baht, the Bank aims to increase the liquidity of small and medium-sized enterprises that are government partners such as government agencies. State authorities State enterprises State universities Local government and public organizations etc. According to this index, when you supply work you can change the trade documents regardless of whether the delivery is delivered as working capital immediately, without waiting for the work period check can withdraw money within one day which The bank is ready to receive the highest purchase 90% of the commercial debt and give credit for up to 180 days. The maximum loan amount is 15 million baht per customer. The interest rate is particularly low, averaging 0.583% per month only.

For the qualification borrower such measures, must be legal person. Doing business for at least 1 year. There is no history of abandoning work. Or terminated, the contract for this index has a period of one year or until the index is exhausted.

"This collaboration with the Provincial Finance Bank believes whether to push the factoring steps to access entrepreneurs who are government partners and thoroughly create benefits for entrepreneurs to have reserve funds for use in circulation without being secured," said Mr. Phongchan.

In addition, in order to make the operators of the government sector to access such measures easily and conveniently the bank opened an online loan service 24 hours a day.Only click on or scan the QR code according to the bulletin that the bank will distribute Overall.

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