Tuesday , June 28 2022

The Bank of Thailand is calling for an urgent hearing after many accounts were “hacked” and money lost


From the case of sharing information on social networks many people encounter problems in the form of withdrawing funds from their accounts many times unknowingly and the amount of money is not high every time. Lots of people until the account runs out such as a Facebook page Invest a man Post a notice about this in many bank accounts in Thailand “Money that is often deducted” At the same time a lot

There have been many complaints from bank account holders that their account money has been cut at small intervals, but often, many items by the message stating that Purchase via EDC Most of which will be the purchase of goods and services through a debit card. And to cut money from a bank account again, like this bank account the money was cut in a time of 37 baht, 5 items and 86.90 baht, 7 items and 17.27 baht, one item, and a total of 810.57 baht around 3 a.m. on October 2, 2021, While many pages reported that those who encountered such problems said there were at least ten thousand people.

Recently received a news report that the Bank of Thailand recognizes the problem and hold an urgent meeting together between the Association of Thai Bankers and the Bank of Thailand to find the cause, solutions and methods for prevention or further help

However, it was reported from the financial institution that the customer account details lost are definitely not sourced in the banking system where all the cases occurring resulting from non-banking transactions this is not due to lack of IT security in the banking system.

The Bank of Thailand is calling for an urgent hearing after many accounts were correct "Axe" Lost money

At the same time, Facebook users Akkachai P Wilson Post a warning message in case of use Facebook Provides that permission to notify members who have been deducted from them Facebook And I would like to share an experience that I just got hit yesterday, but I managed to keep up.

Since I received a strange message yesterday, someone suddenly added me to another person’s ad account out of curiosity. So try clicking to see. Summary. invoice This ad has a total of more than 60,000 Thai baht in free expenses (say, the disaster has already happened)

Must first explain that the payment reduction system of Facebook Will cut the payment to the person who linked the card to Facebook For the advertising account and will be charged to the person who linked the ad account.

The smart thief who hacked into our friend’s Facebook is pushing our account (photo 1) into his free advertising account. (It’s just knowing that you can add other people to your ad account as well. And the payment is disconnected from other people’s accounts even though they are not the ones I will compete with in this post. I just know) Wait for someone to answer again, but why is Facebook so loose?

Ask your friends to check out the posts. If there is a message like number 1 or not, then click on it (do not be afraid) because it is a link to an ad account on Facebook. And delete the user immediately (click to delete friends who were also attracted. Let’s help each other) so we’ll get out of the sparrow thief’s account. The team has no problem paying for advertising.

PS I feel it. Ads he was filming about selling cream or something yesterday I was so shocked that I did not keep the account late.

****** I forgot to mention this to those who log in over the phone you may not be able to log in, but do not panic, there is a solution as follows.

It is recommended to do this through the computer. Or if you do it on your phone, use Broswer like Google Chrome or Safari.

And edit the URL by removing from.

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