Monday , January 24 2022

The police filed a suit against the DA to the Plaintiff. Behind DNA, it is clear to "kill the cat"


The police filed a lawsuit against "DJ Sun" to the Plaintiff. DNA is in the same cat, the cat's DNA. I saw many murderers.

On November 16, Watchdog Thailand reported on the progress of the case. Warararat Rang or Sun DJ 30 years to get the cat before you kill.

November 16, 2018. Daydream police prepare to file suit against prosecutors. Charged with two brutally Karma demonstrating DNA compatibility seems to be the same cat. Blood test results in the room. Find the DNA of another cat.

Roofs on the roof with the tissue of the orange cat carcass, DNA matches! The blood in the veterinarian's room confirmed the evidence. Is the DNA of a cat! And a cat's DNA is another life.

Measures that during the pre-litigation of the injured owners of a white cat. Maybe there's another cat to kill before. In the same room

The second victim, the owner of the cat, was the defendant. "Do not go away," without hair fragments to check DNA compatibility
The blood was not in the room. It has been confirmed that the cat's DNA is a cat of gills.

However, an investigation officer. Petch's lawsuit was filed today. The Cruelty to Animals Law Article 20 of the Prevention of Torture Law

The first is the white cat The second act is the blood is the cat's DNA Although it does not look like a cat … but it's another cat "

For the sake of charity against animals in accordance with the provisions of Article 20 of the Prevention of Torture and Welfare Act in 2014 is punished by imprisonment not exceeding 2 years, not exceeding 40,000 baht, or both.

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