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The tyrant parade! Doctors treat patients with missing fingers. I do not care about myself.



The tyrant parade! Doctors treat patients with missing fingers. I do not care about myself.

the doctor – This is another story that has been shared online in the online world. Dr. Danian Arnfel or Dr. Ping. Medical Specialist Plastic Surgery Hospital Phayathai Sriracha has published a personal blog Ping Arnieple

With the message. I'm not sure what to do. I do not remember what it was like when I last came. But it really hurts. I was shocked by a lot of bleeding. Take the stitches to the emergency room.

But that's not the point. While walking home eat ready meals. The phone rings from the emergency room. I just thought I might forget something. Or forget to pay.

I have three fingers. Do you see it? " Before I give you an answer. "The patient went to the nearby hospital, but there is no doctor to take a finger."

Hmm, I looked at my left hand with a knife wound on my thumb and I used it to hold the fork. I feel pain in my fingers. I think to ER patients, he'll be more heartbreaking and hurt than I am. I do not hesitate to answer that.

"Fifteen minutes I'll go now." "I'll push or ping, how do you analyze it? Do not hurt and how do you wash your hands?" He asked his wife anxiously.

"I'll take care of the water first, then take painkillers, I want to help him." His wife smiled at me before saying "I want to drive a car to send me."

The injury of the patient's finger is crushed and pressed to make the surgery more difficult to increase. "Bung Ping" Professor Sumate, Dr. Sammy a good question with concern, nodded and replied confidently, "It's only a wound."

Five hours in a row. I hit my finger from time to time. But for whatever reason I want the operation to be successful, I stop paying attention to the pain and then I sew the last line of the fifth line. I finished. The back is beautiful pink. When my smile is hidden under the mask, thank you for all the relevant things that made us keep the patient's finger.

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