Saturday , October 16 2021

Those who are crazy about UAC #ICONSIAM should see who does it!

All those who woke up.driedView in #IconSiam Must watch !! confrontations Control the buzz above the sky above the Praia. … who is behind it to see it?!?!? Dan 1,500 The Flying Maiden ICONSIAM 3 days ago, how does he control? How many people use it? Where to hide? how is it? This is my first post.

Excellent preview for repair "Sergeant Siam" (ICONSIAM) The shopping center is on the banks of the Czech River or Praia. Cultural center and great shopping culture and entertainment in Thailand powered by Intel Microelectronics Companies that manufacture processor chips and router processor all display controllers ICONSIAM Through Dan 1,500

The confrontation does not miss deep boredom after it's great. It was respected by Sondhi CCG Platform & Distribution Manager, Asia-Pacific & Japan Intel and Mr. Ron Sito Director of Development of Biz Intel The same thing told the story behind this big moment!

Mr. Ron Sito "That's exactly what Intel created. It has been tested since 2016. We tried a lot of different drones, to go through a drone. It was a great success. And we decided to make it an advertisement. "

driedThere are 1,400 exhibitions divided into two parts.Take control of the entire image and take care of the program.onlyOnly 2 people together To treat the first 800, followed by the remaining 600. We have a team that was prepared here last week.To prepare your flight area and values ​​be in perfect condition and start setting.But installation is only part of the program. Before installing it. It must be prepared and talked to the customer.Call completed in April.

We have introduced in 17 countries.ThailandIs the 18th country the lastThe largest exhibition in Southeast Asia.

God Sondhi Say "sourceDan showTimeSiam Fiwat or ICONSIAM Want to communicate I need to get back to it. ICONSIAM I try to create a Thai perspective. I want to tell the past of the current Thai as we develop. And look at the future technology is a good indication of the story. The play is also related to the on stage.The Story Of Win Lecture on the Past of Thailand. Up to now on the River Chia Phraya. And forward to the future. It's a long time for Thailand. From the beginning, they received the angels. Delivered to the second stage with a link to the stage. The song is composed. ICONSIAM Especially with a link show with Droon. It shows that Thailand is not lost in any country in the world. Finished with logo. ICONSIAM It seems that all the stories he links well.

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