Warung reiterated his earlier position, pointing to the PPS, not joining the battle, in accordance with party authority.


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Dr. Warongdej Kijwikrom, former MP, Phitsanulok Post, repeated a clear position: the benefits of the people, the people above all "join or not join the government," depending on the person at the party

May 20, Dr. Warungaye Kig Wickrum, former MP, Phitsanulok Private Facebook Post Warong Dechgitvigrom I am in Khun Than National Park, Nan.

Must ask for permission I have no right to participate in the meeting, decide whether to join or not to join the government, depending on the person in the party. But many comments have been proposed my position is clear, that is, the advantage of the people, the people above all, must be one who has power in the party.

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