Sunday , May 22 2022

$ 1 billion to reduce the current current – last minute Economy News


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Kengiz Holdings, the company's CEO, Morat Arngel, Etti Bachar and Etti Alminioma, will make $ 1,202 billion in new investments in industrial facilities, reaching 10,000 people, and noting that the new investments will be replaced in 2023 to close to $ 2 billion.

It will take 1,500 people

Ergnl, which is the first dormitory of Istanbul airport to meet with representatives of the economy press, shares Cengiz Holdings of 2023 targets. Arnel, Etti Bachar and Etti Aluminum companies, such as closing, the two companies 10 years total 1 billion 175 million invested sdedi. Arngel stated that 5 thousand people in the Eti Bachar and ETI Aluminum facilities and construction of metal recycling and integrated facilities in Mardin with $ 1.2 billion investment. At the end of this investment we will not win this year. By the end of the year, Mardine will receive 500 people and the total employment in our industrial companies will exceed 6,000 people. We are currently replacing 800 million of current. In 2023 we will replace Eti Bachar and Eti Aluminum with new investments of $ 1 billion in 2023, and replace it with $ 2 billion in 2023. Turkey of the current year will be 50-60 billion USD, it will be 4% karlayacaz, "he said.

Auton's heart is electric

At Mardin Integrated Facilities, Arenell stated that they also require cobalting from the main components of the battery, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and electric cars. Our facilities will be located between cobalt and cobalt of the world. Turkey, ready to make his local car, scnt associated with cobalt will not live.

The local Zirr is coming

Dr. Mort Arngel, Sidharda Ati Alminum, is the only plant in the Alumim Rattan Institute of Technology, adding that the new engineers developed by the Trek and two new strategic plans to invest $ 560 million, one of these two, In Germany and Hungary. The raw material, which is the raw material of transparent alamine is fine, and difficult to provide the development of this "residential rnn" humidity.

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