Tuesday , June 28 2022

A young girl eating leukemia is happy to throw away the mask


Direbakir (AA) – 16 years old, Ecem Allen, happy to get his mask to fight cancer in Diyarbakır, "The secret of defeating the disease, morale and motivation is far more important than chemotherapy.

"Children's Week Leukemia" in the framework of the University of Dekel University (DU) Heart Hospital Hall Conference took place.

However, cinevision was performed in which patients who returned to their health after the treatment period were discharged.

Ecem Alan, a 16-year-old girl diagnosed with leukemia 3 years ago and defeating her illness, said in her speech that she had scratched her hair because she did not want to see her hair shed after diagnosis.

Allen was told by his friends and family during the treatment, said:

"I was in the family environment with the nurses, the doctors and the friends I met at the hospital, I did not get chemotherapy after the positive treatment period, I cut the serum.Morel and motivation The secret of defeating the disease is much more than chemotherapy, doctors' smile was more effective than chemotherapy.

Şüheda Atılı (15), who won health by defeating leukemia and difficult to speak because of excitement, stressed that morale should always be high during the treatment process.

Dr. Rahima Atali, Hospitals The Faculty of Medicine, Leukemia, the long and demanding patience in transmitting the transference, in the treatment of children with leukemia and their families have encountered various problems.

Ethel said:

"Some children are excluded from school, they are denied by their friends, children are far from their favorite food, there is no blood and they are free of money.

In the case, the students of the DU Theater Company presented their performances.

Children were given games for small patients.

The event, deputy mayor of Yenişehir Ahmet Salduş, governor Hassan Basri Güzeloğlu 'nun wife Ayse Niceoglu, wife of the mayor Cumali Atilla of Lütfiye Atilla, DU rector. Dr. Talip Gul's wife, Noor Gul, a doctor, nurse, children with leukemia and their families.

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