Wednesday , September 29 2021

An interesting bouquet for the District Health Director after the appointment: one who could not draw rings

Health care contracts renewed. In this context, in Caesarea the service contracts of the health managers were renewed, while there were changes in positions in some places, it was decided to continue with the same names in some of the boards.

According to the news of Müslüm Evci from Sözcü; In the Debbie district of Caesarea, dr. Fatma Antapliuglo was re-appointed as the district health director. Following the appointment of Antipaglio, two interesting foreigners remained with the district health director. “Those who can not paint, ring the bell“and”Congratulations QueenThe inscriptions on the strangers were removed after the strangers with the caption “

Although it was said that neither the district health director nor the relatives of the institution nor the staff of the institution knew about the foreigners, it was alleged that the foreigners were left in front of the institution by unknown persons or unknown persons on the occasion of the incident. The official holiday is July 15th.

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