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Aphion won the Galatasaray at the end of the game: 98-103 – Tahincioglu Basketball Super League News


Basketball Super LeagueIn the seventh week of the game, the usual duration of the game is 91-91. Characterization Baldispor, From there GalatasarayOzet I won 103-98 in the expansion section.

Red team, this result took the 4th defeat in the league. The Apon representative won the second victory.

The meeting began with common numbers. Hayes Websterla found a three-point basket against Galatasaray against Elgar and Knight under the basket with Afyon Belediyespor, 5 minutes, was better than 16-11. Gee nın recorded the number of foreign shots in the 9th minute for double digits (18-28) carrying the guest team, the first quarter completed 31-21 excellent.

Galatasaray started the second quarter with the number of Arol Can Zinc in the 12th minute the number of 4 points (29-33) despite the difference of basket of three-point basket of the point in the 15th minute twice again (31-42) team guest, dressing room 48-42 ahead.

Characterization Baldayspour toughened the defense in the second half, the painted area of ​​Cevher Özer in the 26 minutes before 63-53 points. Galatasaray, balancing the game with an effective game of Arapovic 4 difference (62-66) lowered the guest team, the third period was ahead 66-62.

In the final quarter of the painted Harrison, an outsider, Galatasaray, took the lead and was reduced to 2 points in the 75th minute: 76-78. Yellow team behind the support of the Supporter, Vosbutrin scored with an end of 2.5 minutes before the lead: 84-83. The opposition has changed hands many times characterizing Belediyespor, the number of free injections recorded by Algar, 56 seconds before the end of equality: 89-89. With the beatings of Calloway, the guest team returned to the front (89-91) with 17 seconds left in normal time. Arapovich's red team with the red basket, 4 seconds before the end of the equation provided: 91-91. Afyon Belediyespor, could not appreciate the latest attack with Cevher Özer and went overtime.

Starting with the numbers of Calloway and Gee, Afyon Belediyespor finished 43 minutes with 6 points (94-100). In the last part of the game with the last game number of the gin, maintaining the rule of the Belediyespor ephedion, won the field 103-98 won.

Galatasaray: 98 – Characterization of Baldiaspor

Lounge: Sinan Aardam

Judges: Kerem Baki, Khalil Baldmir, Samih Voral

Galatasaray: Webster 15, Göksenin Köksal 15, Harrison 6, Hayes 19, August 18, Arapovic 10, Hasan Amir Gökalp 4, can Korkmaz 2, Ege Arar, Erol Can Zinc 9

Characterization Baldispor: 21, Nigel 14, Alten Arol 2, Cevher Ozer 11, Elegar 22, Zelionis 2, Serkan Mentese 2, Gee 21, Dorukhan Engindeniz 2, Cemal Nalga 6

1. Period: 21-31

Circle: 42-48

3. Period: 62-66

Normal time: 91-91

Five fouls from the game: 39.04 August (Galatasaray)

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