Friday , May 7 2021

Breaking news … famous marketing networks A101, BİM and Migros announced the decision to upload flash

A101, BİM and shredded chains were sold, red and white meat also came for a walk. National Channel broadcast guest guest guest of the Chamber of Agriculture Istanbul Chamber of Engineers Ahmet Atalık, on the problem of cheap meat should solve the bait problem, he said. Ahmet Attalik, who answered the question about Ramadan opportunism, said: "The price increases especially when it has to be cheap."

After the products on the market sold in 3 markets, red and white meat also came for a walk.

Red meat prices are expensive, especially for years.

Erkan Cole in the national channel in the mid-day program offered by the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Istanbul Branch President Ahmet Atalık, wrote Dilk Doğan answered questions.

It is said that the problem of cheap meat bait should be solved.

Ahmet Etlik, who answered the opportunity of Ramadan "The price is being increased especially when it should be cheaper" he said. is

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