Tuesday , May 11 2021

Cracks took place on another street in Asniuurt

Eastnort Eastnort, asphalt on collapse occurred. With the announcement of the citizens away, teams in the street dubararla prevented movement from one lane provided.

According to AA, Yıldırım Beyazıt street on the asphalt on the asphalt was about a meter and a half. Citizens who saw the collapse of the street, the authorities reported the situation.

Firefighters and municipal teams away, after inspection of the collapse of the swamps and the security strip have taken precautions.

Traffic on the street was given by one lane, teams will start working early in the morning and studied.

On the other hand, in the evening, in Orangazi Boulevard in the Asnioret Guzliurt neighborhood and because of the cracks in the building, many buildings in the neighborhood were evacuated for control purposes, and the teams began to determine whether there was any change in buildings or land.

The incident occurred very close to Oran Ghazi Street, which was closed to traffic due to cracks and collapse on the last day.

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