Monday , October 25 2021

Description of the volatility measurement system in Istanbul


The Istanbul Stock Exchange announced that following the second index, it will continue to implement the "one-time trading price" index for a period of 15 days at the third level in the event of continued volatility in profit margins.

In the announcement of Borsa İstanbul Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), in accordance with the relevant decisions of the Capital Market Council, ensure that transactions are conducted in a fair and honest manner in shares traded on the stock exchange of the İstanbul Stock Exchange, and that investors are exposed to excessive volatility. The "index-based volatility system" was introduced to protect them against risks.

In this context, in the event that the conditions required in the relevant share certificate are fulfilled, the first relevant index, "Short sale and credit in a credit transaction", the volatility of a further 15 days for the second level of the "gross clearing" index implemented by the index,

"In the event of continuous volatility in the word after the second-level index from the beginning of tomorrow, the first will be implemented for a period of 15 days under the 'Individual Trading Method' index and" Gross Clearance "measures will continue to be applied during the period in which tedbir trades with the price method A single measure will be in effect. This will be announced on KAP. "

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