Monday , June 27 2022

Fenerbahce; Will Anderlecht win the front ..? | The Mediterranean Sea


Sports Friendship

Fenerbahce is currently on the road with Erwin Koman. Although he did not manifest himself like his brother in football, he was a must. He was sad as a good helper coach until now. Anderlecht's game may well suit her career career.

Galatasaray also took the same responsibility whenever the Riekerink team took a pretty good team.

Although Enderlecht did not play in the first game, Belgium has the league's top scorer for now. Young football players do their jobs; Onyekuru, Trezeguet and many other footballers gained experience in this team. Diamata may also play this game. Moreover, Santini is also very stable striker.

Fenerbahce in the first game; Especially the wings of the game of the game group and the great performance of Hassan Ali on the road drawn.

Anderlecht is not a team playing in cribs, and it is also the first goal of Fenerbahce to stop Garcance, Treble and Bally. .

The last Galatasaray; Football Fenerbahce like a good job. Valbuena taking responsibility; Ayew and other players are particularly enthusiastic about football in second place; Fenerbahce led to paint.

However, the Fenerbahce team shows clearly and clearly; Especially protection and bonding need reinforcement. Despite this, Fenerbahce despite all this a team can win before the game.

Another team is Besiktas Genk away ..;

Genk is also a team that invests young soccer players. His star has shone in recent years. The old team of Kevin de Breen to Leslie. He has a very effective connection and a good striker.

Smata; One of the best players in the Belgian league. Besiktas will not be easy to match the difficult times. In addition, Larin and love should take the last few times to achieve difficult goals.

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