Wednesday , September 28 2022

Found dead in the entertainment space services


The hallway of the three-story entertainment house located in the neighborhood of Biauglu Hosingha is found by a person who is a Jordanian citizen at the age of 45. According to DHA; The event, one of the employees during the night went into the bathroom. On the announcement of the workers of the place of health many police teams were directed to the scene.

BERTER BITTER or tool drawing

Medical teams on stage, the first test of the entertainment room located on the second floor of the person who found the services lost his life. The first test on the body showed no trace of cutting tools or piercing.

Security cameras within the entertainment space were analyzed by police teams in seconds.

Death of death and death

After the first inspection of police teams at the scene of the hospital for first aid to determine the exact cause of death was removed Morgo. The investigation was opened to determine whether the incident was murder or not.

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