Saturday , May 15 2021

He broke the cash register opening an entry! $ 644 million worth of income!

According to the news on CNN International, "Revenge of the Infinity War" as the sequel to "Revenge: Endgame" was filmed on the first day, the world reached $ 644 million revenue, "Best Time at All Time Opening Funds" was the title of. This week, before the world movie, the best box in the world, with $ 641 million in "Revenge: Infinity War" was holding.

Opening of Avdat tickets: $ 300 million

According to the news at AA, the film reached 156.7 million US dollars in North America and 310 million US dollars, breaking the opening office records in both these regions. According to Hollywood film industry experts avenging: Endgame, $ 300 million at the weekend at $ 257 million in the hands of the record holding the infinity war infidels pass, the all-time jackpot "best opening" was the movie.

One week of $ 1 billion

Revenge: Endgame's global claim that the first weekend could reach $ 1 billion. Industry experts, especially with China's future fund data, can earn $ 650-700 million out of America, so the film will open the maximum speed of $ 1 billion, they say. Revenge: "The Worst Movie in a Day" broke the record: Endgame expected gross $ 1.5 billion within 10 days.

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