Sunday , October 2 2022

Healed by the METERCLEP method


In Alanya, a fast Tucson, who arrived at the hospital in Antalya with shortness of breath and weakness, was found to have a sharp leak. The doctors who decided that Tosun, who had severe heart failure, had a high risk of surgery, decided to use latching. Cardiologists Lecturer. İsmail Ateş and Uzm. Dr. Dr. Zeintin Kaya recovered from the action of the health of Maher Tucson, was released.

Before surgery Mitraclip, Mahir Tosun said that he feels tired over him, "I can not walk because my knees can not go comfortably, but I can walk 100-150 meters during the day. When I was looking with my son to treat the disease, our roads intersected with Ismail It was very nice for me, what pain I suffered, I feel good to God, I have health, "he says.

Two days were outside

His team, which carries out an operation. lecturer. A member of Istanbul Ateş Mahir Tosun said that he had undergone a bypass surgery for 7 years. The patient complained of severe respiratory distress and turned to them. lecturer. "However, due to heart failure and pulmonary congestion in our intensive care unit, we decided to intervene because of heart valve leakage, but due to the patient's advanced age and past complaints about open surgery, we fixed the heart valve With a small incision half a centimeter from the groin using the mitralip method and corrected the heart valve by a method we call "cricky." Our patient underwent surgery at noon and was released within two days.


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