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Heart patients should prefer the gym in the winter


In cold weather, the number of heart beats increases, blood pressure rises, and heart load rises. Heart Hospital and Cardiovascular Surgery Dr. "Every person's response to the cold weather may change, it varies depending on age, physical condition, chronic diseases and gender of the person, cold weather in the elderly, heart disease, lung disease should pay attention Especially, "he says … Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ozkara, heart disease has recommendations on the cold …

Heavy load

Our body has developed various adaptive mechanisms to protect organs that contain essential functions. To protect vital organs (heart, brain, liver, lung) in cold weather, heat corresponds to sufficient amount of blood, first trying to send them to organs. To achieve this, it activates mechanisms of heat protection in cold weather. These mechanisms, by attaching thin capillaries to the skin, run the muscles to prevent heat loss, as well as create additional heat. Keeps the heat at a certain level while trying to increase the amount of blood that goes to the vital organs. This contraction of capillaries and muscles also makes the heart work more and consume more energy. The increase in the number of heart beats and the load to the heart provides the ground for increasing the heart's need for blood. In cases where there is narrowing in blood vessels, blood flow may not be sufficient due to the increasing need and heart attack may occur. In winter, the rate of infection is increased. Especially the diseases that affect the respiratory system where more pressure is placed on the heart. This can lead to heart failure, hospitalization, and even loss of patients.

FLU and scrap Your vaccination the book

Choose a balanced diet, organized and healthy. A balanced diet from protein, fat and carbohydrates in the need for lifestyle. You can consume all kinds of food in a way that does not exceed the appropriate dosage for yourself. Avoid high alcohol consumption.
Patients who have had heart surgery will be at risk of shrinking their vessels in cold weather. Stay away from cold weather and dense environments.
Especially when the weather is very cold, wear thick socks to protect body temperature, gloves, do not get out of the wall.
Sudden death can occur during outdoor sports. Those who have chronic heart condition should be able to stay away from winter sports and prefer sports.
Pay attention to infections, there are flu vaccines and pneumonia.
Get plenty of vitamin C.
Winter consumes vegetables and fruit.

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