Saturday , October 1 2022

Ikut Kokman will make his first transfer from Fenerbahce


According to Milliyet's report, Ikut Kokaman, who headed Atiker Konyaspor for the third time in his career, will also make his first transfer from Fenerbahce.

We want to see the Atif team

White Green Club With a 2.5-year agreement, Ikut Kukaman, the circle between the yellow team and the lacivertli will leave the team on the card name. Moroccan footballer Etif Chahechouhe who is among the names is trusted at a time when Fenerbahce was running Aykut Kukaman wants to wear the green and white shirt.

There was no difference now in the cocaine.

Konyaspor, the Moroccan star at the beginning of the season to join the team spent a great effort, the proposal rejected by the perianth. Atif, who had not appreciated the offer before, had changed his mind with Ikut Kukaman's death on the head of the green brick, and he expected to go to the central staff of Anatolia with the interim transfer.

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