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In stock exchange with the support of the cancer family – Bursa News – News Area


Nilüfer Demir (45), who lives in Ingol County of BURSA, began receiving physiotherapy in 2018 due to leg pain. Demir's pain did not go through despite the treatment, doctors asked for MRI. With the understanding that the last stage of liver cancer patients from the test, Demir, was experiencing great discomfort. However, if two children received 6 sessions of Demir chemotherapy, with the support of his family to beat the cancer.

With a complaint of foot pain in İnegöl in 2018 Nilufer Demir, the mother of two children who went to the state hospital, learned that she has liver cancer and is in the final stage. Following the exams, Demir experienced great sadness, and the treatment process began at the government hospital.

Then take care Faculty of Medicine of Uludag UniversityDamir continued chemotherapy because of his wife, but his wife, Ahmed Damir, children (25) Bosra (18) and Mali Demir, mothers of cancer treatment, who for a moment did not leave alone and became morale. His daughter Bosra Demir took a break from university to be with her mother during the treatment period.

Cancer of life in recent countries

After a year of intensive therapy and chemotherapy, the last stage of the family's success in the Damir family enjoyed great joy. Deemer's treatment of an expert on medical oncology at the University of Oludag, Adem Deligönül Nilüfer Demir, said that the last stage of cancer in the cancer cells and the whole body envelops, "Our patient came first after the chemotherapy process, the patient had cancer, and a good conclusion from 6 sessions. Completely from the body, any type of cancer can recur again … We will continue to control the patient – relevant to what we say Cancer is a very small number of patients with terminal defeat in Turkey, "he said.

"I was cancer cancer"

Live the happiness of defeating cancer Contact Nilufer directlyHe said, "I went to the doctor and applied physiotherapy after 15 days, was taken by MRI, turned out to be a cancer, told me I had a tumor in the liver, I was shocked.I cried for my children, on the holiday of Allah I said I would do it, my family had great support, My biggest was my wife and my children, I started chemotherapy, I'm cancer, they beat the cancer in the game, in fact, this drug is morale, "he says.

To education for mothers, he repeated

"My mother got cancer, I left the university, beat the cancer and went back to school," he says, adding, "We had a big shock when we first learned that it was hard for us, but we always believed in it, we always supported my mother. .

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